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If you're looking for an all around amazing real estate professional who will keep you informed, organized, and get you through the home buying process with minimal headache, you need to call Josh Morimoto.

I can honestly say we got our dream house in large part because of Josh. Informative: From day one, Josh was very attentive and communicative, giving us updates on many details we didn't even know we should be tracking, providing solutions to roadblocks and keeping everyone on the same page. We aren't home buying experts, but Josh was so informative about the process you might start to believe you are an expert. Organized: Josh implemented a system for keeping all parties on the same page, updating and distributing a 33-step milestone tracking document which was absolutely invaluable throughout the process. Negotiator: When our inspector found some issues with the home, Josh was able to negotiate with the seller to accommodate us on virtually every single item, 4 days ahead of schedule. This was all after he assisted in getting us a below market price contract on the house. Efficient: Many things impressed us about Josh, but one of the most impressive feats was how he got us from showing to closing in 22 days! You read that correctly. We had a very narrow window of time to manage exiting a rental situation and getting into our new home, so timing was critical. When our lender was dragging their feet and saying they needed weeks to complete Closing Documents, Josh was able to motivate them to get it done within a week. I would not be surprised if they tried to recruit him for themselves to enhance productivity. Lastly, Josh just seems like a genuinely good person who looks out for the interest of his clients. He was contracted to help us buy a house, but he also assisted us in finding replacement renters so we could exit our existing lease early despite having no real incentive to do so. It really is hard to overstate just how amazing Josh was, and I encourage you to find out for yourself if you want to elevate your home buying experience.

Hanz Veeder

Josh is one of the best!

I have closed dozens of transactions with him, and he goes above and beyond for his clients. He negotiates well and is eager to work creatively to keep deals together. His effort and dedication has been the same whether his client was buying an inexpensive foreclosure or a million dollar beach home. I highly recommend him!

Craig De Mariana Aleman

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